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As the former President of a large commercial construction company, Marty Wilson of the MDW Group offers a well developed expertise to help identify, analyze and address construction litigation issues.

In addition to Mr. Wilson’s 25 years of contracting experience, his qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering & Construction Management from Stanford University, and excellent presentation and communication skills.

Marty offers expertise in Project & Construction Administration issues and Industry Standards of quality, care, procedures and practices.

With extensive experience in cost analysis, contract negotiations, change order mitigation and GC/Sub dispute resolutions, he has also successfully negotiated final payoff agreements with generals and subcontractors.

"I have asked Marty to serve as an expert witness on several cases. Marty's knowledge, understanding of the litigation process, and thorough preparation for deposition and trial has greatly assisted me with my cases.  Marty has the rare ability to frame challenging construction litigation issues into concepts easily understood by laymen."

Garret D. Murai, Partner
Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean, LLP.


Professional References

Richard Sipos, Esq.
Huddleston & Sipos Law Group

Manuel A. Martinez, Esq.
Stein & Lubin LLP


Garret D. Murai, Esq.
Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP